Our Foundation

With over 20 years of collaborative experience, our firm has been delivering on our promise to provide unique designs that are visually dynamic, within budget and built on-time. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients.

From the initial client meeting to job completion, DBC is accountable to our  customers throughout the entire design-build-complete process. We provide our clients with superior design and realistic costs. Meeting  these requirements is a team effort and we are there to ensure that the project cost and schedule are adhered to. Our full involvement in your project helps prevent the dreaded "change orders" and unnecessary project delays.

We  apply sound principles of design using eco-friendly materials and construction applications to deliver spaces that inspire. We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.


At DBC, Design and Construction work  collectively with every client in our fast pace world with seamless integration to save time and money. The lengthy process of first  retaining a designer, bid the construction and then mobilize to build the project takes entirely too long. The Design/Build concept, although  fairly simple, is still relatively new but is becoming more popular because it produces a better project at lower cost. DBC's process from design to move-in with our experience in design makes us the leader in  the industry.

The  process begins when the client has a space to build or renovate. DBC's  team of designers and builders will create a plan that will maximize space and present a new professional image for your clients and  employees while functioning efficiently.

Once  your design is approved, DBC will bring in its team to begin the  “build” or construction part of the process. Your space will be  transformed, furnished and ready to move-in.


DBCollaborative, LLC

452 West 19th Street 3D

New York, New York 10011

Albert Pyun

Director of Design

John Macones


Director of Construction